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Strategy Planning and competitive positioningWe can help you pinpoint strategic and growth opportunities by adjusting your organization's approach to accommodate community response and competitive analyses. We offer:

  • Strategy to position services and products for effectiveness, impact and profitability
  • Management and operational plans
  • Product, service, and market definition
  • Evaluations of changes in product mix, pricing, competitive strategy, executive responsibility, and management practice
  • Organization effectiveness strategy
  • Staffing plans

Application Examples

Positioning and Segmentation.
A nationwide opportunity, capability, and core competency assessment led to a complete repositioning with extraordinary impact and growth.

Customer Assurance.
Our interview research assessed a community's probable response to a major change in a client's service. Our client attributed the subsequent success of its new service and customer response to our research data.

Location, Location, Location.
Demographic, economic, and social analyses of two major cities assessed the future viability of 16 submarkets. The project identified critical areas for expansion and targeted potential problem zones, resulting in re-locations.

Competitive Market Analysis.
Our surveys and focus groups identified purchasing decision dynamics within an affluent community, helping a value-added service to succeed in a highly competitive upscale market.

Governance Market Research Effectiveness

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