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Organizational EffectivenessThe rapid evolution of consumer demand, technology, media options, industry dynamics, and cultural perceptions necessitates a proactive approach to corporate and institutional structure and culture. We can invigorate your organization's infrastructure with consultations on:

  • Organizational structure
  • Organizational culture analysis and change
  • Owner and management focus
  • Productivity and performance assessment
  • Capability assessments

Application Examples

Organizational Audit
A comprehensive assessment of an organization led to refocusing, motivated employees and shift in structure and culture resulting in improved performance.

Aligning Structure, Talent and Strategy
An intervention in a very large enterprise successfully realigned their operations with strategy, renewing and focusing talent and improving results.

Business Transfer
Facilitating dialogue among senior professional and board leadership which led to a smooth transition from the third to fourth generation in a family-owned enterpri
se, with concurrent improvement in performance.


Strategy Planning Governance Marketing Research

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