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We believe there are seldom narrow solutions to organizational barriers. Thus, The Chatham Group, Inc., takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, strategic approach to complex issues. Toward that end, we have assembled an outstanding team of strategists, project directors, interviewers, analysts, focus group leaders, and experienced consultants from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. Our diversity of expertise produces innovative, holistic solutions to external and internal barriers.

We believe today's challenges often require new ways of conceptualizing problems and solutions. Therefore, we are committed to state-of-the-art applications of knowledge and technology. The Chatham Group, Inc. is dedicated to expanding and enhancing its knowledge, methods for information retrieval, thinking, problem solving, evaluation, consultation, and presentation to keep pace with our rapidly-changing world.

We believe it is important to balance innovative technology with hands-on experience. Our senior consultants can offer you significant executive and policy experience, and a background of applied knowledge from current research and practice. We are experts in precise, accurate research and assessment: an information-driven strategy is The Chatham Group's cornerstone.

We believe a partnership with our clients is essential. The design and delivery of every project is based on a partnership approach of mutual respect. Every assignment assumes a unique design in which the client's needs and capabilities and our expertise must be carefully matched.

We believe the best consultation and analysis can be presented so that the results are easily grasped. A client should understand how conclusions were reached and why specific recommendations are made.

We believe that successful innovation requires thoughtful effort and that experience in dealing with change is a major asset. We have worked with a great number of organizations who have found it necessary to adapt to changing conditions. This accumulated experience can be invaluable to a client. We stand ready to provide as much assistance as needed, when needed, in an accessible manner customized to meet each client's requirements.

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